About Us

De Kunstrijders has been safely transporting art for over a decade. We are a team of experienced art handlers, who find their roots within the art world. From bulky sculptures to fragile paintings, De Kunstrijders can handle transport requests for all kinds of media. Our clientele is usually composed of individual collectors, artists, museums, and galleries.

Quick Overview

  • De Kunstrijders supports large, medium, and small projects
  • De Kunstrijders handles all touch-points of art transport:Packing-, Physical Transport- and Mounting Services
  • De Kunstrijders has its own art depot, for short and long term storage. (Containers and Shelving)
  • De Kunstrijders guarantees that artwork transported or stored will be done in a secure, professional, and quick manner.

Art transportation is always a “made-to-measure” service. This is why we would love you to contact us. To discuss, plan and decide what will work best for you and your artwork needs.

About Us