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About Us

Kistenfabriek de Boer and De Boer International Cargo have taken over the transport activities of De Kunrijders as of September 1, 2023. In the past there has been a long collaboration between the two companies in the field of packaging and international transport.

The merger and the full range of Transport & Packaging will greatly appeal to De Kunrijders’ customer base and will expect good quality and service.

Kistenfabriek de Boer and De Boer International Cargo are a reliable partner and look to the future with confidence.

About Us

Nail to Nail

Sometimes you need just a little bit more than transportation…. We love to pack, hang, and install art pieces!

We partner with experienced art professionals who know how to handle all types of media.

Are you interested in our services?

We would love to help you showcase your art in the manner you’ve always hoped for!

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Nail to Nail

Art Storage Facility & Rental Options

Our storage facility is located in the west of Amsterdam (Westpoort). Here, we can securely store your art of all shapes and sizes.

We have completely protected the facility from all outside elements and security risks. This way, you can leave it up to us to carefully handle and store your precious belongings!

You have two rental options for your art:

  • Container
  • Shelf Space

If need be, we can suggest a storage option depending on your specific needs. Please, feel free to include as much detail as possible within the quotation page so we can suggest the most appropriate storage choice.

Lastly, we are very quick to react to delivery requests. Upon notice, we can deliver your artwork safely within a day.


Art Storage Facility & Rental Options

International Transport

Of course we are not limited to the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

We can transport art throughout all of Holland and Europe. We frequently transport art to metropolitan city centers such as London, Paris, and Berlin. For long distance transports, our main goal is for your art to be to delivered in a safe and quick fashion while not to burn the biggest hole in your pocket. We also frequently secure packaging for air transportation. So you can have peace of mind your art flys across the world in the safest way possible.


International Transport